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Born in Vic, Catalonia, in 1947.


He resides in Mexico since 1998. As great exponent of lyrical abstraction, Pujol Baladas has been – for years – one of the most personalized and famous signature in the art world, as it did at his time Kandinsky, Pujol recreates in his whole mixture, emotions and feelings from exquisite love of music until earthly environment, even ethereal. Pujol Baladas has taken three schools: The Traditional (into the classrooms), the vivid experiences with the three legendary art masters like Picasso, Dalí and Miró, who joined him and made them part of a political-social-cultural imperative at XX Century, and on the other side, his life, lyrically transformed by his artistic feeling.

He has over 80 individual exhibitions presented in Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, France and U.S.A. He collaborated with many galleries like GASPAR.

He has participated in several collective exhibitions with artists such as: Appel, Argimon, Barceló, Bartolotzi, Rafols Casamanda, Clave, Rafael Coronel, Rogelio Cuellar, Cuixart, Farreras, Elvira Gascón, Joan Genovés, Guinovart, Sergio Hernández, Miró, Irma Palacios, Sandra Pani, Pelayo, Picasso, Saura, Nunik Sauret, Subirachs and Tapies.

His work can be found among the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art (Denver, Colorado, USA), the Museum of Abstract Art “Manuel Felguérez” (Zacatecas, Mexico), Sammlung Essl Museum (Vienna, Austria), Museum of Art of Queretaro (Mexico), Museum of Anthropology of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Royal House of Spain, Colet Museum (Barcelona, Spain), Olympic Museum of Barcelona (Spain), Olympic Museum of Lausanne (Switzerland) Museum of Hispanic Art (San Francisco, USA), Mint (Paris, France), Zabaleta Museum (Quesada, Jaen), Municipal Museum of Tossa de Mar (Spain), and private collections in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, England, Switzerland, Colombia, the United States, Argentina, Sweden, and Mexico.

Pujol Baladas has collaborated to several book covers as: Light everywhere (Cees Nooteboom), Catalan Poets (Jordi Virallonga), Material of desire (J. M. Caballero Bonald), Winter report (Jovan Zivlak) among others.          

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